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RV Owners - Put cash in your pockets!
Tell us about your RV

When an RV just sets it deteriorates. If you own a late model (2006) or above Class-A, Class-C, Travel Trailer or Toy Hauler, contact us about putting your RV in our rental fleet. Owners receive 1/2 the daily rental rate. Excessive generator usage and mileage is also compensated. We can give you an idea what your average monthly take home will be based on existing RVs currently in the fleet.

Why rent out your RV?

1. You are paid for every rental
2. We advertise your RV
3. We build the website
4. We take the photos
5. We find the renters
6. We provide an emergency number
7. We maximize your earnings
8. We do most repairs and maintenance
9. We take care of the Renter's insurance
10. We have 24hr on site security
11. We get your RV ready for you
12. You schedule your usage


Try Investing in an RV
Each RV's income will vary depending on many factors such as: age of unit. quality of manufacturing, number of miles previously on vehicle, how well it was maintained before being placed in the fleet, where it was previously stored and how many manufacture installed options, number of slide-outs and many others.

We will let you know what is renting the best. Either way the income will easily supplement and in some cases cover the RV payment.

We do the maintenance
We take care of all standard maintenance like: Oil Changes, Filter Changes, Tire Rotation & Pressure, Cleaning, Roof Maintenance, Battery Tending / Replacement, Bearing Packing and washing the inside and outside of the vehicle before each rental.

RV Locating Service
If you are interested in purchasing an RV and then placing it in our fleet, we will assist in locating the right unit.